Your Food Coach

Chanah Rothberg

With more than 12 years of experience, Chanah, a Certified Narrative Therapist, explores your emotional connection to food and helps you build practical habits based on your values and beliefs.

what people are saying

Mindy Weisel

Chanah Auerbach has an individual approach regarding food and nutrition with every client she works with. Chanah takes into consideration any food limitations, teaches and advises one how to have healthy, delicious alternatives. Her knowledge about health and nutrition are exceptional. Chanah  is a genuine artist. A life style advisor;  health coach; supportive professional ; and cares the way only a good friend could..

Am slightly overwhelmed with my family and Pesach coming up but thanks to you I am loving myself also - Marion Werner

Chanah is one of those people that if you've had the chance to talk with once, your'e lucky, if you get to talk with her two or three times a year, you're fortunate, and if you get to talk with her everyday or every week, your'e blessed. Flat out, Chanah has your best interest at mind. It's never about her own agenda, it's about a non-judgmental approach to providing a solution that works for you! Chanah is dynamic in the sense that she is creative, visionary, a risk taker and at the same time she's sharp, detail oriented and possesses a very strong business acumen. I would recommend Chanah to anyone that wants an abundance of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical strength!

Talya Engelhart

I worked with Chanah for a year, and it was a transformative experience! Every day we worked together was like a new adventure learning new things about nutrition, how to listen to your body and have a healthy relationship to food. Chanah is experienced, talented and knowledgable and she is such a pleasure to work with and talk to!

Jeff Gottschalk