Chef Raw Raw
A little bit about Chef Raw Raw a.k.a Chanah Rothberg

All of my hair fell out when I was 22 years old and this was my wake-up call that something in my life needed to change!  For me - I found that wholesome, living, nutrient filled foods were my saving grace.  For three months I lived on a strictly supplemental food diet, (which brought me back to life) I then took my culinary training and became a gourmet "Raw Food Chef." I have been a health conscious chef across the country of Israel as well as in California and Portland, Oregon.  As a certified narrative therapist, I'd love to explore your emotional connection with food and help empower you in building a more balanced relationship with the foods you eat. Let me hold your hand as we walk through this journey together.

Through my journey I found my dream

I've been on quite the journey to bring me where I am today. Each step has brought me closer to living my purpose. My goal is to share with others the knowledge about nutrition and cooking that I've gained through my journey so they can eat healthier and live their best lives possible. 

What energy are you putting into your food?