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Jerusalem’s happiest, most loving, healthiest motivator wants you to eat well and feel good!

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Daniel Greenberg

Working with Chanah was truly educational. In addition to learning an array of culinary techniques, the time I spent in her kitchen also opened my eyes to a whole new approach towards healthy eating. From the choice of ingredients, to the unique methods of preparation, everything was done with nutrition in mind. Foods (such as tofu) which I once perceived as uninteresting were transformed into innovative, delicious dishes.

Mindy Weisel

I had the pleasure and good fortune in meeting Chanah Auerbach when she was the Head Chef at Alumot, a beautiful health retreat in Israel. Chanah’s food, with her original use of the freshest fruits,vegetables, grains and  nuts was nutritious and delicious at every meal.  Chanah held cooking demonstrations, as well, which was a genuine treat! I learned about unprocessed, natural ingredients, that created simple, healthy alternatives to what I thought already was a healthy diet!

Chanah Auerbach has an individual approach regarding food and nutrition with every client she works with. Chanah takes into consideration any food limitations, teaches and advises one how to have healthy, delicious alternatives. Her knowledge about health and nutrition are exceptional. Chanah  is a genuine artist. A life style advisor;  health coach; supportive professional ; and cares the way only a good friend could..

Talya Engelhart

I worked with Chanah for a year, and it was a transformative experience! Every day we worked together was like a new adventure learning new things about nutrition, how to listen to your body and have a healthy relationship to food. Chanah is experienced, talented and knowledgable and she is such a pleasure to work with and talk to!

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