How I met "Mama"

If you've made it to the point of meeting the mom of your potential future kids...congratulations! Let me tell you how my story began...

Mama. The amazing bio mom (bm). The super mama who had six kids! Holy Moly - power house! Having one kid is hard. Having six kids, within a span of eight years - is a lot. My hat goes off to the amazing mama of my six step kids.

I’m a part of a few stepmom support groups and I am constantly hearing about the “High Conflict Birth Mom” (HCBM). I have to say I am SUPER blessed that mama and I do not have a high conflict relationship. To have a biological mom who is grateful I’m in her kids life, is huge! It was mama who told our kids they should call me mom. Her family welcomed me into their world. They are all beyond grateful that I am the mom I am. All of this is a huge blessing.

Mama was the first friend I made when I moved to Jerusalem, Israel in 2015. Other than my two roommates, I didn’t know a soul in Jerusalem. So when my roommate asked me if I wanted to go to a “women’s event” at someone’s house, I said sure.

It’s HARD to make female friends, as an adult! But when I showed up to this event, hosted by Mama, I was really excited. Mama was into raw food, and when she learned that I was a “raw foods chef” we hit it off. She had the energy of a raw food enthusiast - high vibrations, fun to be around, the ability to have a “totally out there” conversation.

This was my kinda lady! I hadn’t yet met anyone in Israel who was around my age, as excited about raw food as I was (at the time). I felt I had FINALLY met someone who got me.

We realized we were both from Colorado and really connected. I didn’t know very much about her other than (1) she was divorced (2) she had six kids (3) she really loved raw food (4) she was from Colorado (5) I really liked her high vibrational energy!

About two weeks later, I ran into mama at a friend's birthday gathering. She looked at me and said, “You should date Pesach.” (Pesach is my husband, her ex). I looked a little confused, to which she replied, “sorry that was a weird thing for me to say. Nevermind - let’s just keep being friends.”

NOBODY had ever suggested I date someone prior to this moment. So for someone to suggest I date their ex-husband…what’s up with that? I didn’t know anything about this “Pesach,” but I wasn’t going to forget she mentioned it.

Anyway, over the next year and a half, mama and I became friends. I’d go to her house every couple of weeks to chill and have an “out there” conversation. I got to know her kids a little bit, they got to know me, and that’s really all there was to it. I was enjoying hanging out with my new friend.

And then, Pesach started working for the same company I was working for…

Stay tuned to hear about how our love story kicked off! :)

Any questions - Ask away!!