Why I love being a stepmom.

My son just walked in the house and smelled the cream sauce I make, specially for him and said; “Today is such a good day!” “I’m so happy to hear that,” I replied. “Why’s that?” “Because you’re in my life.” he said.

My heart lit up :)

I was asked to write a small post about what I love about being a stepmom.

I love being a stepmom because I love having my instafamily. I love having older brothers and sisters for my three bio-children. I love learning how to navigate six new relationships. I love knowing that my presence, existence, and constant hard work is actually making an impact on my children’s lives. I love that another woman carried my six bonuses and I didn’t need to put my body through that (thanks Mama)! And, I love that this is my story.

I always dreamed of having a lot of kids, but as I passed the age of 30, that began to feel like an unrealistic dream to me.

Enter Pesach, and that dream came true, almost in the blink of an eye. To you, who have lost hope…don’t give up. I bless you with the ability to appreciate where you are in life. Take this time to work on yourself, so you can be the best version of yourself, when the day comes that your life has taken an awesome turn.

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