My Personal Sunrider Testimonial

Chanah Rothberg

From Denver, Colorado now of Efrat, Israel



Health Issues

Circulation Problems – Raynauds Disease, numb hands and feet

Digestive Problems – Hiatal Hernia, Ulcer, Colitis, IBS, Heartburn, Stomach Pains

Immune Problems – Alopecia Areata


Time and time again I have shared my testimonials about Sunrider and the amazing impact it has had on my life, but my most recent testimonial is the one I will forever share.


I will quickly take you on a tour through my previous health issues.  At the age of 23 I had already experienced an ulcer, hiatal hernia, IBS, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, a lack of energy, circulation problems where I would lose feeling in my fingers and toes, heartburn became a usual occurrence, I wasn’t sleeping well at night, and then in May of 2008 my hair began falling out and the doctor told me I had developed a late onset of alopecia, an auto-immune disease.


Doctors continued to tell me my blood results were coming back off the charts perfect, yet at the same time they were giving me different supplements attempting to “fix” the “problems” they told me I “didn’t have.”


So, in September of 2008 I decided to take a break from the numerous doctors I was visiting and try an alternative route.  I found an acupuncturist a friend had recommended to me and went in to meet him. He felt my different energy lines and began “tweaking” my energy weekly.  I began learning a little about the eastern views of medicine and about the different energies in my body.


I continued seeing my acupuncturist and in December a friend of mine began telling me about these, “raw, concentrated, whole foods which feed our bodies on a cellular level and are based on the Chinese philosophy of regeneration.”  If we regenerate our cells, and feed our bodies the appropriate nutrition, the imbalances in our bodies would balance out. It was as if someone had knocked me over the head with a frying pan of brilliance. Feeding my body live enzymes, that feed my cells directly can regenerate my body?  That is like taking the middle man out of eating. Normally, my body needs to break down all of the food I eat and redistribute it to the proper areas of my body. Well now, since the enzymes I’m eating are alive, they will go directly where they belong on their own. Duh.


So, I figured what have I got to lose?  In January 2009, I purchased a starter pack, and a months worth of food (eating 2 Calli Teas, 3 nuplus, 2 fortune delights, 3 quinary packets and sunnydew daily).


Within the first 3 days of eating the foods my heartburn had disappeared.  I lost 8 pounds my first week (I guess my body was waiting for some real nutrition before it was going to let go of those 8 pounds of toxins…) and gradually, my body started healing itself.


Late February, I went through a huge cleansing where I realized my body was going to “take on the world” and heal itself.  Although I was tempted to take advil for my fever or throat medicine for my throat, I decided to tough it out, and be patient with my body.  If I had been suppressing those ailments for 23 years, unless I continued suppressing them, they were going to fight their way out. I was supposed to visit my acupuncturist at the same time my cleansing began but I decided I was going to see if the Sunrider foods and I could take on my body’s struggles.


Since I have been feeling energetic and healthy for the past 4 months I decided I wanted to revisit my acupuncturist to have him check my energy levels.  (He knew I had been eating the Sunrider foods, but he had not seen me since February.) I called him and set up a meeting and he made me promise him I was not going to try and sell him anything.  I agreed.


August 19, 2009, I went in to visit him and he knew I had changed.  He told me he knew I was always a bubbly person but that now I looked extra bubbly and vibrant and even asked me if I had found “Mr. Right.”  (The only Mr. Right I found was Dr. Chen…) He began to feel the different energies in my wrists and after finishing he looked at me and said, “Even if you had come in here today for a tweaking, I would have sent you away because your energies are all lined up!”  And as I walked out the door he said, “Could you please drop off some information about these foods?”


The smile on my face has yet to vanish as I continue to think about how blessed I am to have found the most amazing foods in the world that have truly balanced out my body!  I could not be any more grateful, and the only wish I have is that individuals never lose hope. Sunrider has introduced me to some of the most knowledgeable people who continue to educate me about our health and the way our bodies work.


If you take control of your health today, you will be blessed for many, many years to come!


Be happy and healthy.

Chef Raw Raw


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